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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My whoopie pie family

When I got on facebook I didn't know I would find so many people that loved the same things I did. I told myself after two special people I got close too passed away that I wasn't going to get close to anybody esle but I did am glad I did cause without these people I don't know where I would had ended up .I don't remember how I got in the group but I know who accepted me in the group it was a very special and sweet woman we all know her by whoopie pie Pamela. I am so glad that I got in the group I love y'all as much as I love my sisters and brother. Y'all are stuck with me and I am stuck with y'all. 
Sarah Price and the rest of the authors that took time out for me by sending me the books and stuff. There is one other special woman that is gone on to be with the Lord that Igot real close too that includes her mama. Now to the one that surprised me with the wall hanging picture and the whoopie pie cup. When you came in the group we started being friends right away I don't have to say who this person is.  I love everything about the group 


  1. Ida. You are a diamond. My heart smiles because of you. <3 Loves and Hugs.

  2. <3 We love you! (and I heard a little bird whisper that she contacted you to surprise a certain someone special in your life with a sweet "song")... :D